Shenzhen Unique Furniture - Lied to me, ignored me when they got the money

Phoenix, Arizona 1 comment

Shenzhen Unique furniture.I bought 30 cases from them to arrive June 8.

They didn't build them to order and lied to me about shipping date. They were 18 days late which cost a lot of money. Of course they got my money and they could care less. I tried to talk to them about partial compensation but they don't answer your messages.

I called them on 2 different occasions but got absolutely nowhere. I am sick of listening to their lies.

You want to believe what they say but Shenzhen Unique Furniture will tell you a bold face lie and not blink.I would never use this company again.



but you did at least get the products right? it's not like they scammed you and you never received what you ordered.

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